Ned Zeman:

Then there’s Aykroyd. Yes, Belushi occasionally tries his patience. At one point, Aykroyd smashes his wristwatch, shouting, “Do you want to end up like this?” But he always protects and never judges. “There was a sense that, no matter what John did, Danny wouldn’t abandon him, that he didn’t think John was this awful person,” Carrie Fisher says. “He was really taking care of John.”

One night at three, while filming on a deserted lot in Harvey, Illinois, Belushi disappears. He does this sometimes. On a hunch, Aykroyd follows a grassy path until he spies a house with a light on.

“Uh, we’re shooting a film over here,” Aykroyd tells the homeowner. “We’re looking for one of our actors.”

“Oh, you mean Belushi?” the man replies. “He came in here an hour ago and raided my fridge. He’s asleep on my couch.”

Only Belushi could pull this off. “America’s Guest,” Aykroyd calls him.