Eric Drucker and Jessica Hopper:

ED: It’s been interesting to read the first reviews of the new record. This notion keeps coming up of it being important because nothing out there right now is like it. In Mark Richardson’s Pitchfork review, he wrote, ”[GY!BE] feel out of step in a very necessary way.” It is good to have a band or an artist come around every few years to make you take stock of what you’ve been listening to and why.

JH: Exactly. A band like Godspeed throws everyone else into high relief. You get a better sense of the moral topography of the underground.

ED: So for you, the best-case scenario is that a young band sees the 9.3 rating, wants to learn how to get that, does research into Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and decides, “Maybe we could do that, too”?

JH: Yes.

ED: I can live with that.

JH: It’s kind of the best you ask for.