Damian/Fucked Up:

I am sure my ability to have such an ironic detachment from the band is born out of white privilege which of course has led me to feel conflicted about talking about this band.

The other important element of my comment, is the date it is from. I believe that would have been taken from something I said a few years ago. At the time I said it, I perceived the reach of my band and therefor my words to be somewhat limited to the punk/ hardcore world. This meant that the audience I was talking to were peers who would have the same reference points I had (Skrewdriver is the internet porn of punk: almost everyone checks it out but no one admits it) and if anyone needed clarification about something I had said, being that punk and hardcore is a very tight knit scene, I was almost always accessible to that person. The situation however, illustrated by the fact that I am writing to the Guardian about this, has changed. I now try to be a little more cognizant of the ramifications of what I say. I am no longer two or three people removed from just about anyone that will hear me so I have made a distinct effort to not to talk about some of the more darker and esoteric things that I find interesting not because I don’t still find it interesting but because I can’t control the way what I said will be perceived anymore.

-- http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/musicblog/audio/2011/may/27/music-weekly-kate-bush-tour-audio?commentpage=1#comment-10962211